Claudia Jardine


Auckland University Press | 2023

‘She’s sharp, critical, iconoclastic, sexy, frank and funny – often all of these in one poem. And while love and sexuality are the dominant themes there is nothing it seems that Claudia can’t write poetry about – spilt pasta, raisinhood, her father’s mishandling of cheese wrapping, German kitchen technology, contemporary auspices.’ — Anna Jackson

BITER powerfully strips back the experience of being human across millennia, revealing sharp teeth, still-beating hearts and iron cervices alike. Here the veins of the Tiber flow right through to the Ōtākaro, and Byzantine scholars burn with the same passions as the modern woman – even when she finds herself in the back of a charging Nissan Leaf. Jardine weaves all the tones and textures of life together into a collection that shines with erudition while firmly asserting that to err is human, especially in the kitchen.’ — Rebecca K Reilly

Longlisted for the Mary and Peter Biggs Award for Poetry, Ockham New Zealand Book Awards 2024

AUP New Poets 7

Auckland University Press | 2020

From Apia to Parnell, ancient Rome to Aro Park and on to the furthest reaches of the internet, AUP New Poets 7 takes readers on an eye-popping journey through contemporary New Zealand poetry.

The collection opens with Rhys Feeney’s passionate take on contemporary global politics and ecological collapse. Next, Ria Masae leads us from a fale in Samoa to the pulsing streets of Auckland city in a voice rooted in the spoken word. And finally Claudia Jardine brings the startling images and unlikely facts from the classical world to echo around inner-city Wellington.


We see scars and tattoos, bipedal goat-men and deep-fried bananas, fat-soluble poisons and indestructible pumpkins as each poet’s distinctive vocabulary and sense of rhythm combines in one powerful volume.

NORTH EP by Claudia Jardine album cover

North EP

Independent release | 2019

“…the simplicity and charm of this EP bode well for Jardine’s future as a popular folk singer/songwriter.” – Hayley White for NZ Musician

 “North is a literal breath of fresh air from Claudia Jardine, and it’s very ably assisted by producer, multi-instrumentalist, and backing vocalist Taavi Paomets… Jardine’s voice is gorgeous. Lyrics lead the way and every word is delivered with clarity.” –, 5/5

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