Miscellany. Trifles. Selection. Assemblage. Creative play. Frippery.

Kelly Botticelli terrarium, 2023. Materials: gravel, sphagnum moss, potting mix, sand, painted rocks, sea shells, succulents, Kelly, repurposed gemstone manicure set. See the Making Of on Tiktok.

The Balloon Game (Ilford Sprite, 2022)

Bee cupcakes with a little help from my friends (2022)

Nathaniel hula hooping, Lily giving the thumbs up (Ilford Sprite, 2022)

Gloria of Greymouth (2022, Ilford Sprite)

Tarāpunga, Whakaraupō (2022, Ilford Sprite)

A collage made as a response to First Buzzard at the Body by Elliot Vaughan, performed at Tiny Fest 2021. Materials sourced from Vogue, Hello and the NZ Listener.

Hanging mobile made in response to Gay Death Stocktake by Nathan Joe, performed at Tiny Fest 2021. Materials: metal hoop, nylon, ribbon, beads, miniature gravestones and monuments made from clay and pink paper bag sourced from the artist. Photographs by Olivia McGregor.

The Barrel cross stitch, for Rebecca (2019). Materials: cotton Aida, cotton thread.

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