Publication History


  • ‘HORSE,’ Catalyst 20
  • ‘Rural Activities,’ Wānaka Sun 21 April 2023
  • ‘Taking the Auspices After a Miscommunication,’ New Zealand Listener Issue 15, 8 April 2023
  • ‘Puttanesca,’ Poetry Aotearoa Yearbook 2023
  • ‘Stone Fruit,’ Turbine | Kapohau 2022
  • ‘Taking the Auspices After a Miscommunication,’ Mayhem 10
  • Feature poet of takahē 106: ‘My Attempt to Remain in a State of Questioning,’ ‘Good Love,’ ‘Jardine on Auden, Williams, and Hammond on Breugel the Elder,’ ‘Gin Sonnet’ and ‘Some Auxiliary Findings of Falling in Love with a Member of the Green Party’
  • ‘Spell for a Significant Road Junction’ and ‘Maltesers,’ Landfall 244
  • ‘The Mycologist Consents, Sweet Mammalian 9
  • ‘Lost Groceries,’ HUA/MANU zine by takahē
  • ‘Power Cut at Hotel Coral’ and ‘Rural Activities,’ The Map Autumn 2022
  • ‘Field Notes on Elegy,’ Landfall 241
  • ‘Ode to Mons Pubis,’ The Spinoff
  • ‘Rural Activities,’ NZ Poetry Shelf
  • ‘Potholes and K-Holes,’ Stasis
  • ‘My Sister (A Cancer) Generously Gives Her Dog to Our Parents’ and ‘Tiny Mammal Dream,’ Starling 10
  • ‘Stop Reading Catullus 51’ and ‘Is It Hard to Follow Your Heart When You Have Three?’ Starling 9
  • ‘Is It Hard to Follow Your Heart When You Have Three?’ Capital 71
  • ‘A Gift to Their Daughters,’ Landfall 237
  • ‘Things That Spooked the Ancient Romans,’ Starling 8
  • ‘pito whenua: blood test,’ Sweet Mammalian Special Issue: Exquisite Corpse
  • ‘Disturbing Suburban Magic Trick,’ Sport 47 (Victoria University Press, 2019)
  • ‘There is no photo of us together’ and ‘The Barbie Poem,’ Salty 6
  • ‘Punk Talks Back,’ perverse 2D
  • ‘The Vodka Rondeau’ and ‘My Father Dreams of His Father,’ The Spinoff
  • ‘My Iron Cervix’ and ‘My Father Dreams of His Father,’ The Friday Poem: 100 New Zealand Poems (Luncheon Sausage Books, 2018)
  • ‘My dead skin belongs to the Wellington City Council,’ Salty 5
  • ‘Sulpicia 3.13-18,’ Starling 3
  • ‘Ode to Goon’ and ‘My Iron Cervix,’ Mimicry 2
  • ‘Catullus 61,’ The Spinoff
  • ‘Ode to Goon,’ The Spinoff
  • ‘My Iron Cervix,’ The Spinoff
  • ‘My Iron Cervix,’ Salient
  • ‘Cashmere Wanderers Under Fifteens’ and ‘Killers,’ Starling 1
  • ‘Haiku about the first (and last) time I did Salvia,’ Salient
  • ‘Warning: Political Discontent,’ Salient
  • ‘Percy,’ ‘Sonnet I’ and ‘First Degree Burns,’ Mad Honey: ReDraft 13 (Clerestory Press, 2014)


  • “I Interrupt This Broadcast: Voice and Silence in Contemporary Translations of Ancient Fragmentary Texts,” Lemon Juice 3
  • “Tour Diary,” a fine line Winter 2023
  • “Classics meets Cosmo: Dating tips from the 10th century,” The Spinoff
  • “Review: A Little Night Music – searching for romance,” Flat City Field Notes
  • “Review: As of 34 – Jason Pemberton and Friends – virtue-pop in the temple of friendship,” Flat City Field Notes
  • “Ladybird, Ladybird,” Starling 2
  • “Not Settled Yet: review of Christchurch Ruptures, by Katie Pickles, and Leaving the Red Zone: Poems from the Canterbury Earthquakes, edited by James Norcliffe and Joanna Preston,” New Zealand Review of Books: Pukapuka Aotearoa


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